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Work is very demanding at the moment, on top of the curriculum, printer rationale, VLE, Website, ‘new build,’ and of course data management, we are currently hosting a PGCE student. The experience of working with a ‘teacher in training,’ has been very rewarding and today was the first day I saw education lighten up his face. The moment when his starter activity fully engaged the room and students were eager to contribute, excited and enjoying the lesson. The topic, ‘The Power of Images.’ The introduction, a simple picture reveal powerpoint slide created using disappearing shapes that revealed an image, deliberately obscure. Very simple but a real hit with the students. I wanted to publically compliment him on his starter activity today.

In the debrief the discussion moved onto question style, introductions and plenaries. There is a whole section on thsi blog dedicatied to this very topical, quizical. We noted some simple introductory ICT games, some new and some very dated, but they are gems! Following the discussion I realised it has been some time since I have made real good use of the tools posted here myself. It just goes to show you may not be able to teach a old dog new tricks, but you can remind him of those learnt previously. I hope to see them in some of his (and my own) future lessons.

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